We calculate the cost of transportation according with the customer requirements on time and budget.

You can order both air freight and multimodal transportation that includes delivery by the freight carrier.

The choice of transport depends on the following factors: delivery time, cargo characteristics, route and budget. Our experts make logistics decisions based on technical and financial calculations. The air freight is your obvious choice if delivery time is limited, you have certain cargo safety requirements or you need a shipment across continents. The only disadvantage is the high cost.

Air freight is a part of multimodal transport chains. We can integrate it into a route map; it will significantly accelerate the delivery.

  • Air freight of trans-shipment and exported cargo to any country through the airports of Vilnius and Frankfurt;
  • Air freight of imported goods from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, India, countries of South and North America and Europe to Lithuania and Russia;
  • Air freight of imported goods to Moscow airports (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo);
  • Door-to-door delivery;
  • Customs clearance in the origin and destination countries;
  • Customs clearance of imported cargo in the Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports;
  • Packaging and labeling.