We made cargo transportation by railway as simple and cheap as possible.

Rail transportation is the 2nd most popular type of transportation after road. If the cargo weights 44-60 tones, rail transportation is considered the most effective, because it’s cheaper and easier than road transportation. It also has high rates of cargo safety.

Railway in Russia is the official customs carrier; thus, customs clearance happens at the origin and destination railway stations.

Among rail transportation we can highlight international container transportation of different cargo. It is very convenient and ensures high cargo safety. Standard-sized containers vary depending on the cargo type. Container shipping is necessary for combined and multimodal transportations that use all means of transport (railway, sea, auto).

We design all logistics delivery schemes with regards to customer requirements and cost minimization. We can provide detailed documentation upon request.

All types of cargo can be transported across the world by railway:

  • consolidated cargo: few small batches of different senders that share the delivery cost;
  • bulk and liquid cargo transported in carriages, cisterns, tents, containers and on platforms;
  • oversized and non-standard cargo transported on the open platforms;
  • cars and trucks;
  • boats and yachts;
  • equipment;
  • building materials;
  • metals and metal products (including rolled metal products);
  • lumber;
  • furniture and plumbing fixtures;
  • chemical products (non-hazardous);
  • consumer goods;
  • hazardous cargo.

Cargo shipment is possible in any geographical destination.




Rail transportation from China to Russia
(transportation term: 14-20 days)