Sea freight is the oldest global way of cargo transportation over long distances, available for any type of cargo. Russia has access to major waterways and basins; from everlasting, Russia is considered to be one of the leading powers on the sea and in the ocean. Sea freight is a very developed and popular service in the international market; sometimes it can be used for transportation even within one continent.

4-Logistics offers export and import sea freights in any destination on a turn-key basis. We collaborate with the major ports all around the world without any intermediaries.

We combine our company’s advantages with the benefits of the international sea freight. Cargo delivery by the sea is very simple and cheap.


We offer FOB (port-to-port) and EXW (door-to-door, multimodal transportation) sea freights.

  • Handling of all necessary documentation supervised by specialized lawyers from our legal department.
  • Search for free space on the nearest freights through professional shipping agents.
  • 20 or 40 feet containers, loading of cargo with modern equipment.
  • Transportation of container to a chosen port.
  • Departure to the destination port.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Delivery to the recipient’s warehouse. Unloading.

International tariffs for sea freights are constantly changing. Ask our managers for the up-to-date information regarding the delivery cost to calculate rates for container sea freights.