4-Logistics offers warehousing services in Russia (Moscow), Lithuania, Poland and other countries around the world.


4-Logistics has consolidated warehouses in key European and Asian transport hubs (Germany, Lithuania, Italy, China, Russia). We are always ready to offer the most favorable terms of collaboration:

  • One expert team accompanies cargo transportation throughout the whole process. There is no need to look for contractors and pay them extra for search of a free warehouse, security and required storage conditions.
  • We provide good discount on the rental of storage facilities in case of cargo transportation on a ‘turn-key’ basis.
  • There is no risk of damage or loss of cargo.

We are handling all types of commercial cargoes of any sizes (general and consolidated).

  • Conditions and advantages of working with us:

    • Direct contact with senders anywhere in the world. Fast establishment of a dialogue between the customer and the contractor.
    • We have customs departments operating on the warehouses territories You don’t need to move cargo to a temporary storage at Customs services. All necessary checks are made in one place.
    • Fast issue of documents needed for the transportation and customs declaration of cargo: export declarations (EX1), transit guarantees (T-1, T-2), carnet TIR, CMR waybills etc.
    • Quick assembly of consolidated cargo accompanied by the customs clearance procedure.
    • Convenient location of warehouses in Europe and Asia. Several warehouses in key transport hubs can significantly accelerate delivery.
    • OKVED (All-Russia Classifier of Types of Economic Activity) solutions.
    • 24-hour work on cargo registration and placement.
    • Automatic logistics excludes the loss of cargo.
    • Advanced warehousing equipment from the European manufacturers. All cargo-handling operations in the warehouse are made in accordance with safety measures and characteristics of cargo.
    • Fire sprinkler system for maximum cargo protection during a fire.
    • Storage of perishables.
    • High-speed Internet at all warehouses.
    • Reliable security system.
    • Temporary storage warehouses to pass the customs clearance procedure with assistance of our broker.
    • Broad parking for cars and trucks.
    • European service.
    • Average prices.
    • Friendly staff with knowledge of 3 languages (including Russian).

    We offer warehouse services to accelerate cargo transportation and to minimize costs. Our experts monitor all new tendencies in warehouse logistics and integrate the best management practices into warehouse operations.

    Stages of consolidated cargo delivery to Russia

    Consolidation is the most important part of consolidated cargo transportation. Assembly of containers happens in the warehouses; some batches can remain there for a few days waiting for the departure. That’s why it’s essential that warehouses meet the modern requirements for storage conditions to keep cargo safe.

    4-Logistics offers consolidation and consolidated cargo transportation from any country. There are several stages:

    1. Cargo arrives at the nearest consolidation warehouse in Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, China or Lithuania.
    2. Quick cargo handling and registration.
    3. Assembly of the container of several cargoes from different clients.
    4. Cargo insurance, if needed.
    5. Container departs to Russia via the most convenient transport (air, railway, road or sea).
    6. Customs clearance of cargo in container on the territory of Russia. Customs broker from 4-Logistics quickly handles all necessary operations and documentation.

    4-Logistics sends consolidated cargo from its warehouses each week. We deliver on time and with minimum costs. Contact us by phone numbers listed on the website to find out more about our services and prices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Berlin and other cities.

The Baltics, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey



We offer different types of storage in our warehouses:

  • storage of palletized goods;
  • racking storage;
  • fine-meshed storage;
  • floor storage of over sized cargo.