Groupage is a transportation of small batches consolidated with cargoes of other suppliers in one container or by the same vehicle (plane, car/truck, train or ship). It allows minimizing the transportation costs. Transport and logistics company 4-Logistics offers this type of cargo transportation from Europe and Asia to Moscow, other Russian cities and Customs Union countries at the best fares.

4-Logistics carries international transportation of consolidated cargoes once a week on a regular basis.

Advantages of 4-Logistics:

  • We accept cargo of any size and characteristics: hazardous, fragile, and requiring a specific temperature regime.
  • We serve both individuals and legal entities.
  • We have favorable conditions for consolidated cargo transportation for SME owners, that buy small batches of goods abroad and deliver them to Russia from Asia and Europe (China, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy).
  • We reduce transportation costs as much as possible due to optimization of space inside a container or a vehicle.
  • We offer consolidated cargo transportation by all means of transport: sea, air, railway and auto (including cars and refrigerated containers).
  • We have warehouses in Europe and Asia.
  • We ensure constant monitoring of cargo in transit using RFID tags and satellite signals.
  • We provide cargo insurance services.
  • We facilitate customs clearance and declaration of customs value.
  • We offer door-to-door delivery or any other delivery scheme.

Note that sending consolidated cargo will significantly reduce time and financial costs of customs clearance.

Additional services

To simplify and speed up foreign economic activity of our clients as much as possible, 4-Logistics can take care of all associated tasks regarding international shipment and customs clearance of a consolidated cargo:

  • Customs broker services: assistance at all stages of customs declaration.
  • Cargo insurance and carrier liability insurance.