Multimodal cargo transportation occupies a leading position in the freight market especially in terms of middle and long-distance transportation.

Multimodal (combined, mixed) transportation is carried out by two or more means of transport: sea, air, railway, and road.

Different types of transport are used in a comprehensive manner and alternately allowing to make the most rational and economical decision, to plot the road considering geographical location of starting and final destination. Due to a combination of various transports, it is possible to make delivery faster and to reduce costs ensuring cargo security. As a rule, combined transportation is performed on the basis of one contract, which eases the legal burden on the client.

4-Logistics provides its clients with the opportunity to experience all benefits of multimodal transportation in Russia and outside the country. Our experts analyze customer’s needs as well as cargo characteristics to build an optimal delivery route and calculate the cost.

4-Logistics offers transportation of any cargo in strict accordance with the established deadlines regardless of the geography. With the help of our reliable partners, we are able to pursue a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service.